Collection: Pump Cover Shirts

Discover the perfect combination of old-school style and new-school features with Gym Generation 's exclusive Pump Cover Shirt collection . This collection is designed for everyone who not only wants to work hard on their gains but also wants to make an unforgettable impression.

Our Pump Cover Shirts are ideal for wearing over your favorite stringer, giving you an extra layer without sacrificing style. The shoulder-defining sleeves highlight your hard-earned shape, while the slightly frayed hem and neckline give the whole thing a casual touch.

With the cool prints from Gym Generation you can make a strong statement in the gym or wherever you are. The oversized fit ensures maximum freedom of movement and a relaxed look, while the overlapped neckline adds that certain something.

Choose one of our Pump Cover shirts and show that you not only know the story, but are ready to write your own. Be proud of your progress and show it to the world with Gym Generation.