Collection: Fitness & Training Gloves

Fitness gloves: The ideal partner for strength training

Anyone who trains a lot knows the aching hands and inflamed wrists after the workout. Frequent strength training in the gym often causes calluses to form on the palms of the hands, which can be very painful when they tear. Especially when lifting dumbbells and training with the pull-up bar, the palm of the hand can quickly become rough.

This problem can easily be avoided by using fitness gloves or so-called fitness grip pads . These protect your palms and also give you more support and grip during strength training or training on the bar.

Fitness gloves are gloves that are worn when working out in the gym or during bodybuilding. They are primarily used to improve grip during training and to prevent hand injuries. Some fitness gloves also have gel pads or other cushioning elements to reduce wrist strain when lifting weights.

In the gym, sports gloves provide additional stability and safety when performing your fitness exercises. They relieve your wrists and of course also ensure a plus in hygiene, because after all the devices are touched by many people.

Fitness gloves from Gym Generation are available in different versions, for example made of leather or plastic. We also offer fitness gloves with integrated wrist bandages, which protect not only the palms but also the wrists during strength training. This combination is highly valued by many strength athletes.

Grip Pads: A firm grip during strength training

In contrast to sports gloves, grip pads are simply placed in the palms of the hands before gripping the bar . Our fitness grip pads are available with 4 finger loops for a safe and optimal grip during fitness training. They also allow you to put them on and take them off quickly and protect you from sweaty hands.

The easy handling and the sweat-repellent properties make the Gym Generation Grip Pads an indispensable training partner and are a perfect support for your strength training.