Collection: Bodybuilding Clothing

The 70's, 80's and 90's are often referred to as the golden age of bodybuilding , when icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu dominated the stage. In this era, a cult emerged around weight training, characterized by discipline, aesthetics and an unmistakable style.

Our bodybuilding collection takes that spirit and brings it into the present day. For those who have a thing for the vintage look , she embodies that particular era of bodybuilding. The Gym Generation logo pays homage to those days gone by, making each piece in this collection a timeless classic.

Rounded off by sweat-wicking and hard-wearing materials, the collection not only guarantees an authentic look, but also maximum comfort and functionality during training. Each garment and training accessory cleverly accentuates the contours and muscles, paying homage to the body art of the golden years.

Bodybuilding style of the 80s meets modern fitness clothing: Discover our "Bodybuilding Clothing" category

In our "Bodybuilding Clothing" category you will find everything you need for your bodybuilding training. From high-quality T-shirts and tank tops to comfortable training pants, we offer you everything an athlete's heart desires. Our fitness clothing is not only attractive and stylish, but also made of high-quality materials and offers you optimal wearing comfort.

Inspired by the bodybuilding legends of Venice Beach in the 80's, we offer you the perfect clothing for your strength training. Browse through our products and find your new favorite pieces for training. Whether shirts, weight lifting belts or bags - we have everything you need to show your personal style in the gym.

So don't hesitate and discover our "Bodybuilding clothing" category now and be inspired by our selection of high-quality fitness clothing. We are looking forward to your visit!